Covid-19 disruption

Not accepting new orders

Unfortunately, you’ve caught us at a bad time 🙁

Due to the disruption presented by Covid-19, we’re making significant changes to our online store.

This means that we are currently not accepting new customers.

For current customers, our customer care and technical support remains open.

Our changes include updating our inventory and transforming our payment and delivery integrations. To provide a better and more cost-effective service for you in the future.

We’ll try to be up and running as soon as we can but it could take some time.

Feel free to send us an email to with your name and contact details, and we’ll drop you a polite message when our systems are back and ready-to-go.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you again soon.

Any questions?

Please call our team on 0333 339 5253 or email


We’ll help as best as we can.


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